The Little Mouse Solamae: Vol. 1

  • The Little Mouse Solamae is an optimistic story, written to celebrate the joys of childhood and to help children and families deal with the challenges of growing up. The protagonist is a displaced little mouse who, after an unexplained separation from her family, travels the world looking for them.

    This first volume in the forthcoming series takes the plucky little mouse on a sailboat journey from the magnificent palace where she had spent her sheltered life, to a vineyard in Italy and then on a whirlwind tour of New York City. Solamae faces many challenges and overcomes adversities with a winning sky's-the-limit spirit, all the while embracing the belief that she is capable of helping others out of their dilemmas as well. Her strong faith in herself is coupled with her faith in a higher power.

    As the reader follows Solamae's larger-than-life dreams and discovers how she sweeps others up into believing in themselves as well, children are given the opportunity to pursue spiritual and personal growth. The story allows children to experience decision making and its consequences while educating them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and values; it encourages the refinement of the human spirit in society.

    The book is guaranteed to be a source of inspiration, entertainment, discovery and learning for children and young adults. The protagonist's wonderful, 'round-the-world adventures, her enduring spirit, and her strength of will to always do the right thing, combines innovation and social relevance, promoting childhood literacy and life-long reading without sacrificing youthful curiosity. This rich, colorful series will teach and inspire children of all ages, for many years to come.


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