The Little Mouse Solamae: Vol. 2

  • The Little Mouse Solamae is an optimistic story, written to celebrate the joys of childhood and to help children and families deal with the challenges of growing up. The protagonist is a displaced little mouse who, after an unexplained separation from her family, travels the world looking for them.

    The second volume in the series takes the plucky little mouse and her new pal, Puppino, to the islands in the Caribbean, then on a tour of Central America. Solamae tackles many newadversities during her exciting quest as well as during her thrilling adventures and misadventures with the new friends she encounters along the way.Together, they traverse the Panama Canal and points north along the westernshoreline of Central America dodging hurricanes and exploring the Galapagos Islands. Solamae overcomes adversities with a winningsky’s-the-limit spirit, all the while embracing the belief that she is capableof helping others out of their dilemmas as well. Her strong faith in herself is coupled with her faith in a higher power. The second volume ends with alife-changing event for Solamae and her friends.


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